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Well.. after being in my new studio space for almost 9 months, it is finally starting to feel more and more like me.  Know what I mean?

I have tried so hard to keep it super minimal and streamlined.. but you know what?  I am happy to admit that I like a little bit of clutter!  I like texture.  I like pretty.  So, last week I set my sights on this little corner that holds my packaging station.  One thing at a time, right?  Don’t get me wrong, even though I am saying I like some clutter.. I am definitely not wanting to make a mess of things.  Simple clutter.  Is there such a thing?

How about pretty clutter?  Yes, that sounds good.

photography packaging

I have had this Ikea kitchen island/cart for many many years now.  Do you remember it?

It was wood when we found it second hand, then I painted it turquoise to use as an island in the kitchen of our previous house. Then it became a work table when I had my crafting space.. and now, it is at home as my packaging station in my photography studio.

I painted it “antique sky” from the Martha Stewart line of chalk paints.. found at Michael’s.  I was kind of sad to see the turquoise go, but I am so glad to have given it this fresh new look.  I love it!

photography packaging bag

paper flower wall

Between coats of mint green paint, I made paper flowers.. many many paper flowers.

There is this little portion of wall that has been begging for me to have some fun with it.. these flowers definitely did the trick!  So in love!  Probably my favourite thing in here right now!  Also love that it can double as a little photo backdrop from time to time.   Do you remember the last time I went on a flower making binge? ha ha!  I knew then that I would have some just for me one day.

Already I am am feeling more creative in this space.  This little corner is definitely going to inspire the rest of the studio.  Bring on the texture!

packaging suppliespackaging area

On top, I have my items that I use the most.. discs and their packaging,  shredded paper, fabric strips, string/twine and business cards.  In the containers on the right, I have stickers and tags.. smaller items like that.  Most of my storage on top is from Target.. with the exception of the little white cartons in front, those are from Michael’s.

The bottom is home to things such as shipping boxes, bags, tissue paper, pre-printed information brochures and extra packaging/shipping supplies.  In the future, I might hang a rod on the wall under the window, to hang tissue paper over for easier access.  For now though, I filled the space with some favourite black and white images.

I love that this little area truly reflects my brand and the vision I have for my photography business.  I am so excited to finally share a bit of my studio here on the blog!  It has been a long time coming!  Yay for pretty yet functional spaces!! hee!

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  • March 12, 2015 - 7:47 pm

    Tonia - It’s really beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • March 14, 2015 - 9:28 am

    val gould - ohhhh what a pretty wall! how are those flowers made?ReplyCancel

What does one do when the winter months are dragging on and on?  Well, this might not be what every person does.. but on this particular day, my girl and I gathered and created and had a fabulous time with all this rustic goodness.

All of the elements we added to the backdrop are actually from my personal home decor.  Cuckoo clocks, ornate frames, antlers, a wolf and of course an owl even made an appearance.  It left my house in shambles, but gosh was it fun!

She wore this dress from Free People that is in my studio wardrobe selection and I made a floral crown to bring the vision to life.  Using natural elements such as real twigs, and moss.  The black flower is faux of course.. but I loved the boldness it added, it really brought it all together.

These images are moody and dramatic.. and I love them.

rustic styled photo sessionrustic winter styled shootrustic winter styled shoot by dearest someday

So in love with the new pallet wall in the studio.. so great for added texture.  PLUS, I can put as many nail holes in as I like! ha ha!  I have been torn though.. trying to decide if I should paint it white or leave it wood.  I was leaning towards white, but after seeing these images all together, I am wondering if maybe leaving it would be the best choice.  I dunno.  The studio is definitely an always evolving area, which is why is it my favourite place to be!

Sometimes when a vision comes.. you just have to make it happen.  This session was such a great reminder of that.

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  • March 11, 2015 - 5:41 pm

    Tonia - Absolutely love every shot!ReplyCancel

Whenever it comes time so start a new project.. especially anything to do with design, I like to turn to things that are currently inspiring me.  Sometimes it is magazines, fashion, books or movies.. and of course the internet. For this little blog makeover I turned to my inspiration board on pinterest.  This is where I pin anything and everything that makes me feel something.. creative, or otherwise.

As I was scrolling through, I noticed I was drawn to all things mint and neutral (of course).. but shockingly, was also loving items that I pinned that had a very muted shade of mauve and blush.  Yay for pastels! ha!

Here is a little mood board I created as I was putting things together for the redesign..

branding backwards

I love how these images are moody and pretty.. but not in the most traditional sense.  I want everything I do to have this feel.. ha!  Is that possible?  I just love how this mood board has such a timeless feel, and of course a bit elegant with a natural twist.

So much to love.. birds, flowers, moody fog.. and the most wonderful layers of pretty tulle!  Love it.  In fact, there just might be some lovely tulle skirts on the way to the studio.. now to find some ladies to wear them! hee!

Image sources: amazing flower wall, timeless birds, mint moody fog, daring adventure, blush flowers

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Hi all!  If you are stumbling across this blog post, you have probably already noticed that the website has gotten a little bit of a re-design.  I needed a wee bit of colour around here (yes, it isn’t much colour.. but we don’t want to overwhelm my neutral loving self) ha ha! ..aaaand I figured spring is just around the corner right?  Sooo, why not!?

Well, that isn’t the only thing that is different.  I don’t even know where to begin.. those who know me, or those that have been here awhile know that I have always had a passion for being creative.  I love love love making things pretty and creating and collecting and and and everything that comes with putting together a unique photo experience.  It is just what I love to do.  I love creative photo shoots.  None of it ever feels like work.. from the initial consult to the editing of photos, I get so much joy from it.

Now, this is where it gets touchy for me.  I don’t want anyone to think that I didn’t enjoy shooting their more traditional based sessions.  I have loved every moment with every child, couple or family that I have ever spent time with.  I have loved it all!  So please don’t think otherwise!  ..please please pretty please… ok?


I had a bit of an “ah-ha” moment while attending a photography workshop hosted by the one and only Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography in Louisiana.  I had a chance to show him some photos of mine.. which all happened to be creative stylized shoots that I have designed and photographed start to finish.  I asked him, “how do I promote this aspect of my business?” ..well, his answer was simple and eye opening.  He said “only shoot that.” ..huh.  Why yes, that would definitely make the most sense.  Honestly, it is something my heart has felt for a long time.. I knew change was coming.  But when he said it so simply.. it all of a sudden seemed like I could do it.

So.. I am proud to say that Dearest Someday now specializes in photographing babies, toddlers, children, maternity and beauty.  Creative stylized shoots, from start to finish.  The kind of work that makes my heart sing.  There really is no other way to put it.  My heart is always happy and content with my camera in hand.. but it truly sings when I get to be creative in all ways possible.

dearest someday creative maternity

Even my logo says “a creative studio” ..and that isn’t new!  Have had the same one since 2013.. time to finally make it happen!

I know my website doesn’t currently reflect this type of work 100%.. I am working on that.  I have been a very bad blogger for the last year, many sessions have not been shared at all and I feel so awful about that.  I may post the odd one here and there, but I will mainly be focusing on moving forward with my new direction at this point.

Soo.. what does this mean for clients who have already booked?  Not a single thing.. all dates for families, couples and weddings are 100% still a go and I am just as excited about our time together as the day I eagerly wrote your names on the calendar!  So excited and honoured to be able to spend the time with you all!

So yeah.. this is really big news for me to finally be sharing!  Feel free to poke around.. the “about” section has some additional information.  I have also updated the main welcome page with images that I think properly convey the direction I want to go in.  So, definitely take a peek if you like!  At first I was nervous about announcing this.. like, does this even need announcing!? ha ha! ..but as I write, I am completely content.  I know now that there is nothing more rewarding than doing what you are 100% passionate about. xoxo

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Nature filled rustic and pretty feminine lace details.  Two of my very most favourite things.  I seriously can not get enough of this combo!

I will take any chance I can to incorporate some nature filled details into a photo shoot, or decor around the house as well.  Mix those rustic touches with some feminine lace and I am a very happy girl! ..with the touch of mint green, I am in heaven!

dearest someday rustic retailsrustic details via dearest somedaylace details dearest somedaydearest someday lacedearest someday acorns

Yes, those acorns are fake. ha ha!  I couldn’t resist buying them.. we don’t find many acorns just laying on the ground around here, so these are super fun for me.

You should see the back of my car during busy portrait season.. pinecones, twigs, feathers and antlers!  There is always something rolling around back there.. faux acorns now too! ha!

Anyone else out there collect little bits and pieces of nature (real or fake)!?  Please tell me I am not alone!?

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  • February 23, 2015 - 6:53 pm

    Dawn - .These are beautiful…they ‘feel’ like youReplyCancel

  • February 26, 2016 - 11:06 am

    Janaina - Jessica is a great addition to the weniddg team. I was fortunate to have both of them photograph my Charleston weniddg back in July. Jessica brought energy for sure to the process and she kept my husband in line! That’s what I loved the most about her she kept Jamie on his toes and made this special time relaxed. I’m so happy for both Sarah and Jessica and the many brides who will be blessed with the ease that they make the photography side of the day go! Best of luck!!!ReplyCancel