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This family has quickly become a favourite to photograph.. and to spend time with, period!

They have been with me since the very beginning and it is always such a pleasure. I am honestly not even sure how many times I have photographed these beautiful faces. I do know that after each and every session, I leave with a full heart! Always SO much fun!

dearest someday photographyalberta family photographergrande prairie family photographerdearest someday

Love my time with this family! is such an amazing feeling when clients become friends!! xo

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This gorgeous wedding took me all the way back to Manning, AB.  It was such a beautiful August afternoon, and the backyard wedding was so perfect!  Such a pleasure to be able to spend the day with Coree and Jarvis.. I loved every minute of it!

Time to let the pictures do the talking..



You may recognize Coree’s sister from this amazing wedding the summer before! It was such an honour to be back again!

Thanks again Coree and Jarvis!! Your wedding was day was so personal and absolutely incredible!

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Today is a beautiful day! ..woke up after a great sleep last night and sat down with a coffee and a to do list. I know I won’t get even a third of it accomplished (ha ha), but I feel energized and ready to make goals a reality! ..and that is what makes today a beautiful day.

You guys.. this newborn session is from LAST FALL. Oh my goodness. I was so very excited to share this session the moment it was wrapped up. It has taken awhile to do the sharing part, but the excitement is very much still there! Loved every minute of this sweet session.

newborn photography

These are just a few of my favourites. This little darling was one month old when she came into the studio and was wide awake for us the entire time. Such a beautiful little one! ..and look at all that hair!! So precious.

Ok friends.. off to tackle that to do list! A few emails and messages to respond to, a cranky computer to deal with, some blogging, some planning, some editing, a little house hunting, and a large amount of coffee to consume! hee! Kind of wishing I could just sit down and play with some paper or craft something though. lol  What is on your agenda for the day?

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Such a beautiful wedding. Full of charming touches, rustic details and the prettiest colour combo ever. The entire day was amazing.. these two were surrounded by so much love, their family and friends were so very heart warming.

I’ll let the photos do the talking..


Thank you Krista and Levon for including me in your special day! Just going through these photos brings back memories from this day.. I can almost feel that hot summer sun! xo

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Having clients that return to you to capture their memories and moments is one of the most rewarding things in this business.  I didn’t realize that when I started out.. but is has become something I am so very thankful for.  You get to know your clients, and when they come back.. it is like visiting with a friend! Catching up, chatting away.. always a good time!

It was such an honour to spend another gorgeous fall evening with this wonderful family.  I was really bad at blogging last year, so I don’t think their last session ever made it up here.. I might have to remedy that, it was a favourite!!

dearest someday family photographyalberta family photographerfamily photography alberta canadafamily photographychildrenfall family session

Going through these warm fall photos has me craving that golden sunshine! How many months of winter left? ha ha!  If it wasn’t so darn cold today, I would be out embracing the frosty foggy weather.. but brrrrrr, it is chilly!

It is going to be a blogging, netflix kind of weekend.. so more to come!  Hope you are all staying warm wherever you are! x0

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