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Quite possibly the most adorable baby girl name. Don’t you think?

This little sweetie and her family came to see me in the studio and it was such a pleasure to have them all!  We chose soft pink and neutrals and played with little bits of nature.. so much fun!

dearest someday newborn photographynewborn photographydearest someday newborn studio session

Always so much fun to work with this family! Thanks again you guys! xo

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ok moms.. this one is for you!

I am so very proud and excited to be offering for the very first time.. mama & me mini sessions.  There are no specific dates associated with these.. that is one thing I typically don’t like about mini sessions. I would rather book my clients in one at a time, and if we take a bit longer.. cool. Nobody there waiting for their turn.  Much more casual, and less stressful for both myself.. and you! So, if you are interested.. just message me and let me know. We will then chat schedules and fit you in whenever works best for you.

These sessions are so important you guys.. your babes will treasure these for years to come. If you are anything like me, you are just simply never in the picture. Always on the other side of the camera. I know I would looooove some pictures loving on my kids.  These will be all about capturing pure emotion and love.. those tender moments.  After all, they are only little once.


These sessions are $250.  Which includes 45 minutes (or more) of shooting time with your littles, as I said though, no rush.. these will not be booked back to back. You will get 15 images of my choice on USB. I know I know.. my choice?  There are a couple of reasons.. this cuts my editing time, which allows me to offer this session at a discounted rate.. mainly, I can edit the 15 and get them off to you right away. It makes the whole process very simple.  Please have faith that I am just as picky as you, and will only select the very best.. as well as a good variety.  Promise.  I also print the same 15 images as 4×6 prints for you.. because there really isn’t anything like printed pics, and that just makes me happy.  You can then print to your hearts desire!

These do make a great gift as well!  So ladies.. feel free to email this link of to your special men!  Mother’s Day is coming up after all! ..hint hint men!!

Much love for all moms out there!  Now.. get in the picture with your babes!!! xoxo

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After each and every session I do, something sticks with me.. something that I will take forward and always remember. It is something different every time. This time.. with this family, it was the simple reminder that sometimes it is best to just let kids be kids. Just let them do their thing.. and be there to capture it.

Ah yes, I could follow little ones around with my camera all day every day and be perfectly content.

dearest someday children

dearest someday family photographyfamily photography alberta

That last image there.. that’s what it is all about. What little boy wouldn’t want to explore those hills!?


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If I have come to learn anything over the last little bit.. it is to never ever lose sight of who you are.

I know that seems like a simple thing to say. We are who we are after all. But, little by little.. that can get clouded, and become a little bit less and less. For whatever the reason, and it doesn’t always have to mean something is crucially wrong with the big picture.. but, sometimes it does. I think for the most part, we don’t even know it is happening until we wake up one day and go.. “what the hell?” ha ha!  If we are lucky, or so I like to think.. we can take that as a wake up call and take the initiative to get back to who we are at our core.

Digging deep and moving forward.. embracing the littlest of things, and working my way through to where I want to be. It is my life after all, time to live it.


So yeah, that is kind of me right now. For awhile I have felt like there are two versions of me. The me that is present in the day to day.. and the me that has all these dreams and hopes for both the simplest of things and the biggest of things.. and you guys, that version of me has been screaming to get out. I’m not talking completely different person here, I will always be me. Just.. I am no longer afraid to embrace life the way I want to live it.

Simplify.  Create more.  Just live that creatively driven life that I ache for.  I know I know.. I am photographer, that is plenty creative right?  But I mean more.. I mean deeper, I mean right down to every day living. Both for me and the kids.  In everything. Does that even make sense?

Why am I rambling on and probably sharing too much to the whole wide internet world?  Well.. cause that is part of it all.  Less filtering on here, in life and in my work. Just be honest. Live authentic… and just freaking BE! ha ha!

Who’s with me? xoxo

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hello my friends..

This past week has been full of reflection.. lots of time spent deep within thought.  Spring is around the corner.. but I feel it is much more than just a change of season. I am feeling so many other changes as well. So many plans and visions for how I want life and living to be.. finally beginning to take shape. Not so much finally.. I don’t really mean it like that. I suppose more just finally being able to see it.. or maybe more so feel it. Either way, I am loving it.. and I am excited.

Here are a few favourite images gathered on pinterest over the past couple of weeks. Oh wilderness, just swallow me up and inspire me with your ways! much pretty….

early spring collage

sources: self helptried and true, linens, fearlessly authenticcabin in the woods, wild barefoot and freefogfind your wild, comfortpeonies,  stay close, interiorbed stu, people that do things, take me hereunclouded stars

Are you seeing all that pretty soft pink up there? ..I am not sure what is happening to this cool hued loving girl, but I smitten with these soft palest shades of blush. I think after all of these shares, proclaiming my surprised affection for the colour, I should maybe just admit that I am in love.

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