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well, it happened. it finally happened.

we moved! it’s been a very exciting couple of months! settling into our little dream home has been so great.. so so so great. you guys, I am so happy with where we ended up, we love it so very much! it is an 80 year old character home full of sweet charm! ..more on this to come!

it is perfect.

sooo excited to share more of this adventure and tackle some projects. so far it has been a lot of painting.. and purging. simplifying and figuring out the best way to organize and live with what we need and not have excess.. because 80 year old homes do not have many closets or storage! love it this way, I feel so much lighter in so many ways.

here is a peek into our living room, so not near done haha! still have to find a home for the national geographic collection and hang decor on the walls, but I am enjoying taking my time with things and settling in at a nice slow pace.


not much had to be done in this room. a fresh coat of paint, the pallet wall hung (yes this doubles as my studio shooting space) and switched out the fan for this one. oh and hung curtains. but that is it. floors and wooden beams (ohhh how I love those, they are throughout the house) were already done.

relaxed and cozy. lived in.. that is how I want this home to be for my kids and I.

home.. finally.

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  • November 19, 2017 - 9:37 pm

    Jenny Morgan - Very happy for you!! Looks just perfect and cozy!!ReplyCancel

“Flowers can’t solve all problems, but they’re a great start.”


This growing collection is making me ridiculously happy! It’s been so long since I have had a colourful variety of flowers.. feels so good to step out of my safe neutral habits. All good things are wild and free! Yep, I think I can apply those words to everything these days. Think less, do more and just live.. follow that instinct!

That’s what this picture makes me think. It’s really just a photo of some pretty flowers the kids and I picked out yesterday.. but now it is more. It’s a reminder of how good it feels to leave the safety net of that comfort zone!

Had a great day yesterday with my tribe.. we did a little greenhouse hopping. Small local ones. We met some good people and feel great supporting small business! Came home and had a planting party.. made a huge mess, but mostly made some good memories. Next year.. our own garden! I hope.  haha!

Gimme all the colour! xo

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It has been awhile since I have shared an inspiration/mood board. This one is all about fresh with boho vibes!

I have been adding more and more colour to my own home decor lately, and I am so excited about that! Everything used to be neutral with a few very muted tones.. light mints, yellows and blues. But now… bring on all the colours! Seriously, anything goes. I’m ready to break some rules and have some fun.

The kids are all over this, and can’t believe that we have little bits of colour all over the place.. red being the real shocker haha! We are loving the casual boho way of decorating.. so free, inspiring and creative.

new home boho inspiration

Oh, and pattern.. lots and lots of pattern. With fresh flowers always.

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I saw this quote the other day, and it was kind of a wake up call for me. “Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.”

You see, I have been waiting.. still waiting for this house to sell. When I started making plans to bring this blog back to life, I told myself that I wasn’t going to share any projects or decor based content until I am in my new home.. which was a mistake I think.

I wanted to wait until I had my fresh start.. fresh home, fresh blog, fresh everything. Really though? I have come to realize that I don’t have to wait anymore. It is a frame of mind, an attitude. Moving will just be icing on the cake.. and since I will be looking for a fixer upper, the projects to share will probably be endless when the time comes! haha! So while I will continue to look forward to that, I will focus on life right now.. which I don’t have to wait for.

Yesterday, I did a little bit of indoor gardening.. some lavender, succulents and my cactus addiction just might be growing. The lavender though, thats my favourite, the colour and smell is so pretty!


I picked up some terra cotta pots and they were soooo very new looking.. and since you already know my patience is pretty much non existent when it comes to waiting, I wanted to speed up the aging process a bit.

I found a tutorial online that said to use garden lime, make a paste and then sand it off. Well, I tried that.. but the garden lime I found, would not make a paste. So that failed haha! Since I was in the mood to make this happen, I ended up using brown food colouring as a stain.. this was after trying tea and a few other things.  I was working in the kitchen, can you tell?

The stain worked pretty flawlessly, aged them a bit of a darker colour.. and gave them depth. Perfect. I just have to pick up a sealer and they will be all finished up. New terra cotta is very very orange haha!

Side note.. my hands are also a darker shade and apparently do not require a sealer. No amount of scrubbing is making them clean any time soon.

This is definitely not a big project. But for my home, which has been staged for sale.. this little bit of change is a huge step in the right direction, and change is good! ..already feeling that fresh new feeling I have been craving!

So much good! 

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  • June 2, 2017 - 6:11 am

    Ginger - Side note…..too cute. Good to have you back my friend.ReplyCancel

Introducing the wild & free mini sessions.. where we can be the ones with the messy hair, the dirty feet and that wild sparkle in our eyes.

wild and free

These are the sessions where kids can be kids and let their imagination go wild. There are no rules. Simple.. relaxed and easy going. We will hunt for butterflies, explore, tell stories and play in the wilderness.. lets go on an adventure!

There are no details too small. This is the magic of childhood.. and I want to capture it. Let them be wild & free.. what will their adventure be?

wild & free

These sessions are for children and teens only. One session per family but no limit on the amount of children within that family.

All sessions will take place outdoors. Locations decided on an individual basis.. each session will be unique. If the weather turns to rain, we can reschedule as many times as needed or choose to embrace the wild!

Sessions are $250 and will include 20 images that will be selected by me.. I promise they will be the really really good ones! They will be individually edited and presented to you in your own online gallery. USB and a set of 4×6 prints available for an additional fee of $15.

When booking, a $100 deposit is required and will go towards your final session fee.

Have questions or would like to book? Feel free to get in touch via the contact form! I hope to hear from you! ..these will be booking all summer. All good things are wild and free!

Every summer, like the roses.. childhood returns.

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