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These mood boards are always fun to put together. Especially cozy ones like this. I want to pull this look from the internet and put it everywhere throughout my house! haha! Feeling inspired. Cozy cozy cozy.. perfect for this chilly February day!


I might have developed a slight addiction to plants since moving.. I’ll just collect them all! Please and thank you.. haha! Plants, beautiful texture and these muted but bold colours.. I’ll take all of it! Delicious. Oh and pottery, yes please. I see a new hobby in my future. Yep yep.. I’ll just add a shed out back for a kiln and a of course a shed for my studio (serious though).. oh, and a greenhouse. ha! Yes! It’ll be a shed village in my back yard! haha! ..aaaaaand a chicken coop of course. Right?

Good thing it’s a big yard.

Sigh.. a girl can dream!

All of these lovely images can be found on my pinterest board here!

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I love this little corner so much.

It came together fairly quickly after moving in.  I knew right away that my old desks wouldn’t work in this space.. much too ‘desk’ like. As I roll my eyes at myself. haha!

After a quick look around, I found this antique table online.. and was able to pick it up in Grande Prairie about an hour later. It was perfect.. and a deal! Although I did have a few moments of “how the heck can I have two tables side by side!?” and of course, “what was I thinking, it won’t all fit!” ..but after having the table top cut down, so it wasn’t quite so big, it went back to being perfect.

I wanted this corner to be a functional work space, but since it is also shared with the dining area, the living room.. and the entrance to the house, it needed to blend and feel like home as well. I think I will do another post on this space eventually.. but I wanted to quickly share one of my favourite spots of this new old home.


Thoughts of opening a space are still on my mind, and take up a large portion of my thoughts when planning haha! For now, I am loving the flexibility of working from home.. makes my all nighters a little bit easier haha!

I love that when I have to work when the kids are home, they can hang out at the dining table there, or in the living room which I am standing near when I took this photo.. it’s all one shared space. It really does make working from home that much better.

Then there are days like today, when it is -50 outside with the windchill. Literally. Those are the days I do all my work from the couch cozied up in blankets! Oh yes, working from home can definitely have it’s perks.

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are!

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Things might get weird around here for a bit.

I am needing a reset button. There is a vision in my head for what I want Dearest Someday to be. It is is kind of the same but kind of different. It is an approach to my business, a feeling I want to evoke with my work.. and I am going to try my hardest, day by day to get it there. It needs be a reality.. my passion for everything is insisting on it! ha!

What I have come to realize, is it isn’t something I can make happen overnight. It isn’t a “hey, it’s the new year.. this is what my business plan is!” kind of thing. Maybe if I started a year ago and had it all ready to roll out. But I didn’t, and I don’t want to wait a year. I get too excited to keep things behind the scenes like that! haha!

I do know this.. some changes are coming, the creative side of me is dying for it all to come out. I myself am a new person.. well, I am still me… just different. Well no, actually I might be entirely changed now haha! I need what I do, and what I share to reflect that. This website and blog has been left behind. I feel very much that a lot of it is the old me. So it has been hard to update it.. if that makes sense.

After all, blogging was what I did first.. before everything else. Before new passions and career choices… before life changes, it was there from the beginning. I was thinking about that the other day. About how long it has been. I think my daughter was around 3.. she is 16 now! Wow. That is too hard to comprehend. Have any of you been around here that long?

There are so many thoughts, and so many ideas in my head, that I feel as if it may explode. I know that is cliche.. but it is true. I need to get it out. I need to share the process of it all.. I need the accountability that making things public brings haha! Sad, but really really true. For me anyway. Some ideas have been floating around much too long.. it truly is time to make it happen.

Now to sound really cliche.. my someday is now! hahahaha!


I am sharing this photo because it represents so much.

The mountains have become a place for me to clear my head, to get in touch with my soul.. the mountains are my reset button. It was a couple years ago now, the kiddos and I made our way out for some hiking. Just the three of us. My first Mother’s Day as a single mom.. it meant so much for me to share it with them. To show them I was capable.. to show me I was capable of being that mom. I needed to get us outside of our little bubble and start doing something I had always wanted us to do. It seems like such a little thing now, but at that time.. it was pretty huge. Since then, the mountains have a very special place in my heart, even more than before. It truly is where I feel most at peace.

That my friends is what I want Dearest Someday to feel like. Nice and peaceful, not the chaos of thoughts. I want it to be me.. the new me. My soul. It is close.. sooo close.

Baby steps.

But sometimes baby steps become the biggest leap of all. xoxo

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well, it happened. it finally happened.

we moved! it’s been a very exciting couple of months! settling into our little dream home has been so great.. so so so great. you guys, I am so happy with where we ended up, we love it so very much! it is an 80 year old character home full of sweet charm! ..more on this to come!

it is perfect.

sooo excited to share more of this adventure and tackle some projects. so far it has been a lot of painting.. and purging. simplifying and figuring out the best way to organize and live with what we need and not have excess.. because 80 year old homes do not have many closets or storage! love it this way, I feel so much lighter in so many ways.

here is a peek into our living room, so not near done haha! still have to find a home for the national geographic collection and hang decor on the walls, but I am enjoying taking my time with things and settling in at a nice slow pace.


not much had to be done in this room. a fresh coat of paint, the pallet wall hung (yes this doubles as my studio shooting space) and switched out the fan for this one. oh and hung curtains. but that is it. floors and wooden beams (ohhh how I love those, they are throughout the house) were already done.

relaxed and cozy. lived in.. that is how I want this home to be for my kids and I.

home.. finally.

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  • November 19, 2017 - 9:37 pm

    Jenny Morgan - Very happy for you!! Looks just perfect and cozy!!ReplyCancel

  • January 11, 2018 - 11:59 am

    my little spot » dearest someday - […] when I have to work when the kids are home, they can hang out at the dining table there, or in the living room which I am standing near when I took this photo.. it’s all one shared space. It really does […]ReplyCancel

“Flowers can’t solve all problems, but they’re a great start.”


This growing collection is making me ridiculously happy! It’s been so long since I have had a colourful variety of flowers.. feels so good to step out of my safe neutral habits. All good things are wild and free! Yep, I think I can apply those words to everything these days. Think less, do more and just live.. follow that instinct!

That’s what this picture makes me think. It’s really just a photo of some pretty flowers the kids and I picked out yesterday.. but now it is more. It’s a reminder of how good it feels to leave the safety net of that comfort zone!

Had a great day yesterday with my tribe.. we did a little greenhouse hopping. Small local ones. We met some good people and feel great supporting small business! Came home and had a planting party.. made a huge mess, but mostly made some good memories. Next year.. our own garden! I hope.  haha!

Gimme all the colour! xo

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